Depression Toolkit

Fall, my favorite season. 🍂🍃

But it also marks the beginning of seasonal depression for some people.

As the days get shorter, and darker, depression can start to invade our minds.

I am not naive to this phenomenon.
I too have suffered from seasonal depression, although not often. My depressive episodes have mostly been triggered by something specific. For example, the loss of someone (whether it be a friend, boyfriend or the death of someone), if my personal identity is challenged, or if someone tries to ‘change’ me , or makes me feel like I am not worthy or enough.

The most important thing for you to do, step one, is to know your triggers.

This way you can prepare yourself and have your ’emergency kit’ ready.

Your emergency kit is encased with things, or ideas that can help you cope through the low times. It can also include a plan.

A kit can include:

▪ Social Support.
(from friends or family or significant other or a support group).
▪ Spa day, or do it yourself (Massage, Facials, manicures).
▪ Art & Crafts (painting, DIY).
▪ Coloring Book
▪ Self-help book or favorite book
▪ Journal (for thoughts and feelings and logging mood)
▪ Support Animal
▪ Sleeping Aid
▪ Psychologist
▪ Psychiatrist
▪ Family doctor
▪ Medication
▪ A plan: for example, “on days where I feel unmotivated, I will still get up, shower, comb my hair, and go to the gym – even if all I can do is 15mins. I plan to eat healthy, nutritious meals – and this may mean only one healthy good meal a day or fruit throughout the day. I will tell my friends and family of my low mood and lean on them for support – I will talk about it…..” etc.

What would you add to your toolkit?

Please a comment.

-Rachel Page

4 thoughts on “Depression Toolkit

  1. As someone who has gone through depression and, “Overcome from it” Your tool kit is a very good idea. Thank You for sharing it with us. I send Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies to All and invite those who are interested to have a look in to my Blog, to see how I have managed to heal myself. A very good article. May God Bless You 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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