Staying Organized Through the Chaos

It is hard to believe that it has almost been 2 month since the last time I sat down and took the time to blog something.

I am sorry.

As a Wellness Coach and Mental Health advocate, it is my job to be consistent.

And I am sorry I have failed to deliver consistent content but I am not sorry for the fact that these last two months were focused on improving myself.

With that said, It is all about finding a balance…. something I suck at.

It is difficult to find a harmonious balance when you are trying to juggle work, personal obligations, relationships, school, starting your own business and your own mental health wellness.

Lately I have been in a state of equilibrium. Mainly, just going with the flow of life.

I am happy, content, and in-love….. with myself.

What have I been doing to manage my life? (besides blogging)

Goals list

A list of overall goals has helped keep my life organized. My current goals focus on:
work, school, starting a business, my mental wellness and relationships.

Daily task list

A list of daily tasks and obligations keeps me focused. A typical day may look like:
Gym, Study, Rest, Social Media, Blog, Rest, Self-discovery, Rest. (Rest periods are typically 15 to 30 mins in length, and sometimes I have to throw in annoying personal obligations (obviously) into the mix, like laundry and groceries). I use Google Keeps for creating Goal and task lists.

Prioritize the day

What is the most important thing(s) that needs to be done now?
What can wait? What can be delegated?
Sometimes things come up that may need to be prioritized into your day, like a family member or animal falling ill, or a friend needing someone to talk to. The most valuable piece of advice that I can give you is LEARN TO BECOME FLEXIBLE WITH CHANGE.

Establish a routine and schedule

Having a routine is an essential part of my mental physique.  It keeps me calm, enhances my focus, decreases my anxiety, and keeps me consistent. A routine is a sequence of actions that flow regularly. My daily routine typically looks like: Wake up by 8am, Post to social media, eat breakfast by 8:30-9am, hit the gym by 10am, shower, lunch by 1pm, study or read (to enhance my knowledge) for 2 to 4 hours (sometimes longer). dinner by 6pm, evening self-care (personal leisure reading, painting, journaling, hang out with friends), bed by 10pm (always). 


Self Care seems to be a growing trend that coaches are really emphasizing the importance of these days, why? Because it keeps you mentally fit. Self care doesn’t always need to mean extravagant things like pampering yourself with $200 spa days. It simply means to take time out of your day to focus on your personal needs, which can mean anything from personal hygiene, eating a nutritious meal, exercising, engaging in self’discovery journaling, to spending time with loved ones.


Most importantly, Keep life simple.

Stop over complicating it.

How do you organize your life? How do you keep consistent? Comment below

Rachel Page


10 thoughts on “Staying Organized Through the Chaos

      1. I suffer from short term memory impairments too (usually because I am so easily distracted that I don’t allow myself enough time for it to sink in).. A scheduler or planner works wonders to jot down ideas, goals and tasks. It has helped keep my life organized.

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  1. The last point is, in my life, the most important. I have had, in my past, a tendency to dither because of trying to weigh all factors, before doing anything. A wise child once remarked- “Just, teach!” So, I have simplified my mind, rather a lot, these past few years.


  2. I totally relate to this. I can never find balance and I always end up way on one side of the spectrum than the other. For example, I’ll be so busy with work and relationships that I completely forget self-care and time for myself. My doctor keeps reminding me to repeat the mantra “keep it simple”. I over-complicate too much and set illogical goals. Something I am forever working on. To organize my life, I have different ways for different tasks. For work, I have an actual planner. I made sure to get a colorful one with lots of inspirational quotes and pictures to boost my mood. For my home life, I make a list in my “reminders” app on my phone. When it comes to content and writing, I use the app Evernote. For some that may not make any sense, but for me it works.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story.

      I often get too busy with work and studying and starting a business that I forget about the rest of the world.

      I have bought so many planner over the course of the year and for some reason I get fed up using them and throw them in the garbage. I always revert back to my phone calendar.

      But I like your idea of getting colorful ones with lots of quotes to brighten up the mood, that is a great idea that I will be looking into. I suppose I could dedicate using it for studying and my business

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      1. In the past I have had planners tossed too. I get mad at myself if I forget to use them, and then feel the need to get a new one to “start fresh”. So far the one I use now is good for me. Only time will tell though. Sending you lots of good vibes & positivity on starting your business! 💕


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