Stop Comparisons


Don’t do it.

You don’t know what their reality consists of. You have no idea what their struggles are.

The worst thing anyone could ever do is make the assumption that someone else is living a ‘perfect, cozy’ life. If you gathered this observation from social media, reality check, people only post the positive moments of their life, or post pictures that are not a true representation of their life.

Don’t be fooled.

12 thoughts on “Stop Comparisons

  1. True. I do have some social media friends that post off the wall statuses. I actually enjoy them better than some photo of what another ate for dinner or memes. Let’s me know that I am not alone and other’s are a bit screwy like I can be lol

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  2. This is so true! It is easy to post the good stuff. Even then, you never truly know what happened before or after the photo or video was taken. Everyone’s life can be interpreted in so many different ways.


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