Panic Attacks | Herbal Remedies

Safety Disclaimer: please consult
your doctor before incorporating
herbal remedies into daily regimen.

Due to a number of potentially serious drug to drug interactions, it is advised that you consult your physician or psychiatrist before adding herbal medication into your daily regimen.

Some interaction may significantly increase drowiness or result in Serotonin Syndrome when combined with your own psych-medication(s). Please use with extra caution.

One thought on “Panic Attacks | Herbal Remedies

  1. True pharmaceutical drugs are very harmful and addictive and if mixed with herbs they may not work so well together. The herbal enzymes may clash with the drugs you are already taking. Also you have to be sensible about using anything to do with health. Many people overdose with drugs and herbs in the hope to get a quick fix for their problems. Though when I spoke to my doctor about the natural supplements I was taking for slight diabetic and liver problem, the doctor did not have a clue. Take care with everything you do. I only use natural medicine so I have a great deal of experience in what “I” should take.

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