Brighter Days – Get Up


When depression hits, it is easier to spend the days laying supine on the couch instead of facing the day and accomplishing your daily responsibilities.
Some simple advice: Get up anyways.
Do what you need to do, force yourself.
It is hard, seemingly impossible task. I know.
Being left alone with your thoughts only allows more negative thoughts to transpire. If you break the cycle by forcing yourself to get up, you may be able to find a bit of beauty throughout the day… beauty you would have otherwise missed. Small changes like this, over time, can pull out of the darkness.
This is why I always stress the importance of ‘self-care’.
Self-care is doing ‘anything’ for yourself that makes YOU happy.
Even in your darkest moments, there will allows be something that can bring a bit of light.
It could be as much as indulging in your favorite bowl of sorbet (Mango for me please), allowing your creative nature to flow through art, completing a DIY, a candle lit bath, snuggling with your furbaby, reading a self-help or a favorite book, getting dressed up to stay in (and perhaps take a bunch of selfies)…..
I just rambled off a bunch of things that bring a bit of happiness into my life, now it is your turn to think of the things that could make your day a little bit more enjoyable. Think about the things that once brought you joy before the depression hit? Perhaps you write poetry, draw, paint, crafts, do it yourself projects, writing, cooking, hiking…
Even if you don’t want to do it, do it anyways.

The second most vital part to ‘feeling your greatest’ is getting enough sleep.
7 to 8 hours is ideal.

If your having difficulties falling asleep, there are many remedies to help. For example, sleep routine, sleepy tea, rest and relaxation an hour before bed (no phone), a bath, stretching or mediation etc… and if all else fails, talk to your doctor. Perhaps a prescribed medication may help temporarily.

Have faith in yourself.
You can do it.

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6 thoughts on “Brighter Days – Get Up

  1. Loved how beautifully well written this was. Lately I’ve been trying to implement workouts into my day, even on the days where I feel like I can’t get out of bed. And I’ve been feeling really great. Although the bad days still do come around, I know that I still have some strength within me to tell depression off. Thank you for this article. ❤️

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  2. Definitely! I am just reaching the end of a self-care week, documented on my blog. It is all too easy to wallow and ruminate, doing things that enrich your life make such a huge difference.
    Great post x


  3. Great post, you write beautifully! I have had a lighter day today after a while of feeling quite beaten down by it all. I took advantage of it and did things that I know make me happy. Self-care is such an important tool, more people should prioritize it! (I also wrote a post today about self-care, it seems to be the ‘thing’ the internet is talking about at the moment!)


  4. Great post, self-care is important as we often neglect this when feeling down. It is good to remember everyone has down days. Try to give your first thoughts of the day to be positive. “Everything is going my way” “All will be good today everyone I meet is kind”

    Try Valerian Root or Capsule this will help with your depression and moods, a great help for sleep.


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