Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body with these Simple Practices


Self Care 101

Your mind and body deserved to be lavished with some quality tender love and care, every once in a while. Preferably, daily.

How are you supposed to give your absolute best to life when you don’t feel your absolute best?

Life comes with an abundance of demands, and not everyone knows how to adequately cope with them. Some people can manage many tasks in a given period without feeling constrained, whereas others may feel the burden of stress and become easily overwhelmed.

Here are some simple, yet effective, self-care practices that can help you feel relaxed, and rejuvenated:

Sleep –  Go to bed early and get into a routine.

Mindfulness and meditation – Get in-touch with your inner self.

Exercise and eat healthy – Because you will look and feel great.

Disconnect from technology – Because it is frying our brains.

Drink water –  Drink least 1.5 to 2L a day (and more if you exercise).

Take a break – Escape for 10 mins, close your eyes and just breathe.

Practice Gratitude – I can’t preach this enough, the more thankful you are, the happier you will be.

Recite positive affirmations – Because you truly are an amazing person.

Smile more, laugh often – Instant joy for the soul.

Inspirational / Life Quotes –  Read a few before you go to bed.

Go outside – Become one with nature, or just go breathe in some fresh air.

Call a loved one – and tell them how much you appreciate and love them (and miss them).

Meet up with a friend – Friends are good for the soul.

Snuggle up with a love one – Because it feels awesome!

A long, embraced hug from a loved one – Because it also feels awesome!

Declutter your space – Because it really does declutter your mind.

Go on a date with yourself – It will make you feel great about yourself.

Music therapy – There is nothing more therapeutic than getting lost in thought and music.

Learn to say “No”– Be honest, if there is something you don’t want to do, speak up!

Learn a new skill – Because it makes you feel accomplished, and you may even discover a hidden passion.

Self-help books – Because they really can help. They provide many tools to help manage emotions, they help make connections, they can really transform your view of life, and help you to view it with a positive, less complicated lens.

Relieve stress with Colouring – Seriously it works!

Submerge yourself – in water, a nice hot bath. Throw in some bath bombs (if you must), light some candles, and turn on some peaceful music. It feels AmaZZING! Tranquility!

Read a book  – Getting lost in the pages of a good novel, is a really great temporary escape from reality.

Mani/Pedi/Massage – Because pampering yourself never felt better!

Reflect on your accomplishments – Because it truly does affirm how incredibly hard you have worked to get where you are now. You will appreciate your efforts, and feel proficient.

Check-in on your life goals (are you on track?) – Helps you to make necessary adjustments in a timely manner, or confirms if you are on track.

Stay Organized (Daily tasks/goals) – You will feel less overwhelmed, and be more productive.

Journal – Get your thoughts down on paper.  I suggest you fill your journal with positive thoughts. Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Write down what you are thankful for, talk about the positive moments that happened, and write positive affirmations about yourself.

READ “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrne – Because it will transform your life.

When all else fails…….. A glass of Pinot always does the trick.

The End! ♥

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